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How To Choose The Best Real Estate Management System For Your Business?

To provide what we usually call ‘a personalized customer approach’

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
20 Sep 2018
CRM is a type of corporate software dedicated, as the abbreviation indicates, to the management of customer relationships. In the field of real estate, it is a great tool for the automation of workflow required to provide what we usually call ‘a personalized customer approach’. Further on in the article, we discuss which tasks a properly selected CRM is able to solve in the aspect of property management and which system to better choose in the first place.   Tasks solved by CRM Are you hesitating whether you need the dedicated CRM or not? We’ll tell you which tasks this software completes and how your business processes can be enhanced with its capabilities to make the decision easier for you. Customer service. A real estate agent is a connecting link between a...

How To Design And Develop A Healthcare App

To make this world a bit better

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
13 Sep 2018
  The digital age brings innovations to every single industry. Information technologies integrate with every branch of human activity and change it completely. These days, we cannot separate IT from the other aspects of our lives: it is literally everywhere. And it is not only about  entertainment. Web and mobile applications are upgraded with such cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. A special role belongs to the healthcare application development. Some old-school specialists are still wondering how high-quality software may impact such vital processes. No doubt, the human factor is more important here than in any other industry. But at the same time, healthcare application can provide relevant up-to-date information...

How to Set Up the Accounting Software for a Small Business

The basic guide

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Vuhar Mamedov, Co-founder, Artelogic
31 Aug 2018
The accounting process is an integral part of keeping the business up and running. Having the detailed information on your money flow helps to understand the nature of both internal and external transactions. Fortunately, as modern technologies develop, we receive more and more opportunities to automate the accounting process with computers. A lot of software suppliers provide a broad range of products for businesses of any scale. Small business accounting has its specifics and requires following some successive steps to build an efficient system. Let's find out how to set up the accounting software for a small business in these 6 steps. Assess Your Business Requirements You should choose the software provider depending on your business structure, scale, platform, and accounting s...

Cloud accounting software features your business needs

What to consider?

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
24 Aug 2018
If you are a business owner, be it small or big one, you definitely need the right business accounting software to control and manage all of your finances. Of course, you can be still using the Excel forms as your main accounting program, but that is so old-school. Plus, using Excel-like accounting options is dramatically inefficient. Moreover, today, even when you have an installed business accounting software, it is becoming outdated as well. In fact, if you want to run your business successfully and efficiently, you have to be up to date, and thus, you have to be tech-savvy.  Meanwhile, all tech-savvy business owners choose cloud accounting software programs. Are you now wondering why you should invest into a cloud accounting software solution? Here’s why: traditional account...

How to leverage technologies to optimize your transportation business metrics

The overview

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
19 Jul 2018
Do you need to optimize your transportation business? Look this article about using technologies in your transportation business. Dealing with the Logistics Transportation Optimization Efficiency, optimization, speed, and timing have always been crucial in any business, especially when it comes to logistics and transportation, no matter whether it concerns distributors, end customers, transportation firms, retailers or any part of a supply chain. Without doubts, modern-day manufacturing, and retail transformations, technology disruptions and digitalization of data made modern logistics providers more flexible, fast, and reliable. As a result, we’ve seen an evident growth of management system services and happy customers in the logistics industry. Nevertheless, there are still nume...

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