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How To Design And Develop A Healthcare App

To make this world a bit better

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
13 Sep 2018
  The digital age brings innovations to every single industry. Information technologies integrate with every branch of human activity and change it completely. These days, we cannot separate IT from the other aspects of our lives: it is literally everywhere. And it is not only about  entertainment. Web and mobile applications are upgraded with such cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. A special role belongs to the healthcare application development. Some old-school specialists are still wondering how high-quality software may impact such vital processes. No doubt, the human factor is more important here than in any other industry. But at the same time, healthcare application can provide relevant up-to-date information...

How to scale your startup team

tips for a growing tech business

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
09 Aug 2018
 How To Scale Your Startup Tech Team: Prerequisites Starting a business can be a pain, but the decision to expand a business might be an agony as it proves to be nerve-racking not only for founders and investors but for the whole team. Indeed, there are a lot of hurdles that might seem practically impossible to overcome. For instance, just in a matter of months, you might need to double your development team and office staff, completely rearrange your company structure, ramp up your production and even move or at least transform your office space. You also need to analyze new markets, customers, and processes.  Moreover, the growth also means that some additional capital will be required, causing new responsibilities to shareholders, investors, and institutional lenders. That ra...

How to build a trucking app like Uber Freight?

What features should truck logistics management software have?

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
14 Jun 2018
Being the lifeblood of the worldwide commerce and economy, truck logistics management software definitely deserves a special mention in the world of software app development. Indeed, there are numerous logistics management tools for Uber-like apps for trucks to enrich your product with. Let’s find out more about innovative transportation management systems logistics apps that are created to connect shippers and customers, offering cost-effective capabilities. A Basic Gasp at Logistics Management App People dealing with modern logistics businesses demand a complete control, bank-level security and an array of specific industry-driven features to plan, control and execute a product's flow. Therefore, any logistics and supply chain business software solution should offer robust suppl...

How to create requirements specifications for a software project that will be exceptionally clear to every provider?

The guide.

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
07 Jun 2018
Often, business customers expect software development teams to be mind-readers, being able to create a product based on unspoken, malformed or even unknown requirements. Wrong or missing requirements, in their turn, can bring wrong or incomplete products regardless of how good the subsequent phases initially were. Ultimately, to deliver a top-notch product, any software development company definitely needs a detailed requirements document as it lays a foundation for software engineering activities. Therefore, it might be said that the proper software requirements engineering document is like a magic wand for any software development team and the customer.   Fancy writing software requirements specification that will make your team and the customer fall in love with? We’ve ...

How to strengthen the security of your web application?

Checklist for a good starting point

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Ivanna Gurmak, CMO, Artelogic
31 May 2018
Do you know how to develop web applications that bring unparalleled success? Your web apps should provide a rich and consistent user experience while being flawless and fault-free, regardless of being open source or paid. At the same time, web security is of key importance. Use this extended checklist to focus more on the web application security regardless of your development stage as it is suitable for both before the launch period and during the very first stages of software development. Before we go further, please note: this web app security checklist is a good starting point and inspiration for your work and you can save it for later, so it’s always at hand the moment you might need it. Plus, you can use it to control things at the development stage upon outsourcing.  Th...

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